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Nuovi articoli dal settore ricerca

12 settembre 2018, 12:00

I seguenti articoli e rapporti di ricerca sono stati pubblicati dai ricercatori di Dipendenza Svizzera

Baggio, S., Starcevic, V., Studer, J., Simon, O., Gainsbury, S. M., Gmel, G., & Billieux, J. (2018). Technology-mediated addictive behaviors constitute a spectrum of related yet distinct conditions: A network perspective. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

Baggio, S., Studer, J., Fructuoso, A., Grazioli, V. S., Heller, P., Wolff, H., Gmel, G., & Perroud, N. (2018). Does level of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder symptoms predicts poor transition into adulthood? International Journal of Public Health.

Iglesias, K., Sporkert, F., Daeppen, J.-B., Gmel, G., & Baggio, S. (2018). Comparison of self-reported measures of alcohol-related dependence among young Swiss men: A study protocol for a cross-sectional controlled sample. BMJ Open.

Labhart, F., Engels, R., & Kuntsche, E. (2018). What reminds young people that they drank more than intended on weekend nights: An event-level study. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

Labhart, F., Livingston, M., Engels, R., & Kuntsche, E. (2018). After how many drinks does someone experience acute consequences? Determining thresholds for binge drinking based on two event-level studies. Addiction.

Maffli, E., Astudillo, M. (2018) Multiple substance use among patients attending treatment for substance-related problems in Switzerland. Drugs and Alcohol Today, 18(3), 178-187. DOI 10.1108/DAT-06-2018-0033.

Studer, J., Bertholet, N., Baggio, S., Gaume, J., Grazioli, V. S., Rougemont-Bücking, A., Daeppen, J.-B., & Gmel, G. (2018). Cigarette and cannabis use in young Swiss men: Examination of the bidirectional, longitudinal associations between frequency of use and descriptive norms. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.


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